Writing IT Resumes: TeleSeminar

Our contributing author and expert IT Resume Writer, Jennifer Hay, will be conducting a TeleSeminar on IT resume writing in October.

To sign up, please visit http://itresumeservice.com/tele-classes.html

Writing IT Resumes: TeleSeminar

Writing your resume is almost always a painful process. IT resumes are especially challenging. A good technical resume is much more than a list of technology and past jobs. Keywords, achievements, and personal branding are elements of “stand out” resumes that are the first to be selected for interviews. Take this opportunity to learn some professional resume-writer techniques to create your own attention-getting resume.

You Will Learn:

  • Construction and use of a keyword list to enhance your resume.
  • Tips to organize your education and certifications for greatest impact.
  • How much technology is right and what to include when you have too much.
  • Techniques to create powerful statements that describe your achievements.
  • How to summarize your career in a compelling way.
  • Techniques to create a personal branding statement that portrays you as a “must have” employee.

Geared To:

  • Job Seekers who want to stand out in today’s difficult and competitive job market


  • 9 page handout packed full of examples

The TeleSeminar dates include Friday, October 15th and Friday, October 22nd at 1:15PM PST.

To sign up, please visit http://itresumeservice.com/tele-classes.html

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