Tips for Resume Summary

Below you find a few tips for developing a Summary introduction at the top of your Technical or IT Resume.

1. Focus on functional strengths first, such as years of experience, areas of expertise, knowledge of key technologies, knowledge of processes or methodologies, or any other items that are DIRECTLY related to your experience or training. Then if you have the room, you can add statements that reflect personal strengths such as skills regarding communication, leadership, troubleshooting, etc. If possible, you can use these personal strengths in a combination with strong statements of functional expertise.Example:

“Proven ability to lead, motivate and train large teams with experience managing groups of up to 20 staff members within Project Management Office.”

In this case you document your leadership strengths but also mention specific experience managing a PMO office.

“Over 15 years in technical support with proven ability to rapidly troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve complex technical issues.”

In this case you are documenting your technical support experience but also mentioning your troubleshooting skills.

2. Don’t be afraid to mention any major certifications, training, IT skills or education in the summary, even if you are building a formal education section and a formal technical skills section. If you are an MCSE and expert in Windows 2000, then let them know in the summary, the tech skills section and the experience section.

3. Don’t go overboard with the adjectives and self descriptions. Usually 2 at the most per statement, otherwise the statements become overwhelming and you almost loose some credibility.

Don’t do this:

An honest, loyal, well organized, self-motivated problems solver with experience leading people, meeting new challenges, achieving goals and producing positive results

Honestly…. what does this statement mean? Nothing to an employer, its just a bunch of fluff and overused self descriptions.

4. Usually, its good to write the experience section before you write the summary, then its easier for you to look at your experience and summarize it. Also, its a good idea to browse the job boards and pick out some jobs you would like to apply for. Then pay attention to the key requirements and make sure those requirements are addressed in the summary.

5. Often times you hear about individuals that have multiple resumes. Most of the time as busy professionals, we do not have the time necessary to completely rewrite our resume for each specific job we apply for. However, its usually not that time intensive to make modifications to the summary that can help you target the job much more effectively. After all, targeting, is one of the key elements of marketing and that is what your resume is doing —- Marketing or Advertising yourself to your employer.

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