Technical IT Executive Job Description

IT Executive positions involve high level management of technology departments at medium sized companies and large corporations.

This position is responsible for the oversight of all operations that involved the development and support of information systems.

Common job titles for IT Executive positions include: Director of Information Technology, Vice President of Information Technology.

Common Job Responsibilities for IT Executive

  1. Direct the development, implementation and administration of all IT.
  2. Perform Project management of IT initiatives.
  3. Ensure timely and accurate delivery of technology products and services.
  4. Manage multiple areas of technology and multiple departments.
  5. Oversee hiring, staffing, training, disciplining and performance appraisals.
  6. Preparation and management of operating and capital budgets.
  7. Oversee new system facilitation, current system enhancements
  8. Manage internal/external application upgrades.
  9. Define and improve all system and network operations processes.
  10. Negotiate contracts with manufacturers for all software, hardware and consulting services.
  11. Create strategic goals and convert to easily implemented plans.
  12. Manage external vendors relationships and services.

General Requirements for IT Executive Job Position

  1. Minimum of 8 years experience in senior IT management role or similar.
  2. Highly advanced analytical abilities with operational vision.
  3. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree – Master’s preferred in Information Technology, Engineering, Business Administration or other related field.