Resume Introductory Statements

The most effective resume will quickly grab the readers attention. It is essential that you introduce yourself to the reader with a compelling introductory statement that encapsulates your experience.

There are 2 types of initial introductions: The objective for entry level professionals and the headline statement for experienced professionals.

Objective Statement

This introductory statement is primarily used by entry level professionals to target positions in which the job seeker has no experience or limited experience. In this case, you are building a statement that tells the reader what type of position you are targeting.

The objective statement tends to be less effective than headline statements because you are stating to the reader information about “what you want” rather then telling them “what you can do for their company.” Therefore, we strongly suggest using a headline statement unless you are a student, entry level professional or career-changer.

Example of Objective Statement:

“A self-motivated recent graduate looking for a challenging position in software development.”

Headline Statement

This statement should be an overall breakdown of your career experience. It should be a simple, yet compelling statement that clearly explains what you bring to the table.

Example of Headline Statement:

“A results-driven Software Developer with demonstrated success in the design, development and deployment of large-scale enterprise applications for the financial industry.”

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