Project Manager Job Description

Job description for targeting resume for Project Manager job.

The IT project manager job includes oversight for the management, support and technical assistance on special projects in the Information Technology field.

Common job titles include: Project Manager, Project Management Lead, Project Lead, IT Team Manager, IT Team Lead.

Common Job Responsibilities for a Project Manager Position:

  1. Analyzes and documents current processes and workflow
  2. Creates project plans and schedules
  3. Assigns task responsibilities to project team members
  4. Manages internal and external client expectations
  5. Tracks progress of special projects
  6. Identifies, assesses and minimizes project risks to successful project completion

Common Skills for a Project Manager Position:

  1. Strong communication and presentation skills
  2. Effective technical writing and professional proposal development skills
  3. Able to create project plans and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  4. Analytical and problem-solving skills
  5. Excellent organization and time management skills
  6. Possesses technical and business acumen

Common Requirements for a Project Manager Position:

  1. Minimum Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  2. Average 3 years prior experience