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Professionals in Information Technology fields will have unique challenges when preparing a resume.

In general, IT resumes will include more information about specific technologies used to develop, engineer and manage information systems.

The content on this site was created to help IT professionals create a resume. Technical Resume Samples and articles were created by Certified Resume Writers and Resume Writing Professionals.

Latest IT Resume Samples

Latest IT Resume Writing Guides

Technical IT Resume Length

Overall length of the technical resume is a highly debated topic. It is very difficult to generally recommend a specific length for a resume without knowing anything about an individual’s … Read more

Optional Sections of Technical Resume

You will often see a number of other sections within the IT or technical resume. Of course some of those sections are reserved for specific fields and professions.

IT Resume – Education Section

In the Education Section of the technical resume, you have a number of options regarding the information that you may want present.

Tips for IT Experience Section

The following information provides tips for developing the job experience section in the technical resume.

IT Experience Section in Resume

The experience section in the technical resume is also commonly knows as the “body” of the resume. There are numerous styles and formatting options for the experience section, but in … Read more

Technical IT Skills in Resume

The IT Skills or Technical Skills section is something that you may not see in non-IT resumes, but is almost absolutely necessary in the technical resume, with exception of executives … Read more