Technology: Telling Your Story

Determining how you want to position yourself in your resume is the first step toward deciding what technology to include. As an IT professional, you may be hesitant to remove lagging tools and technologies for fear of losing an opportunity but it is this indecision that can impact your chances of finding just the right position. The “I want it … Read More

Technical Resumes Are No Place for Fluff

In the past, the purpose of a resume was to get a job interview. Beyond that, it was up to the applicant to sell themselves during the interview by describing their role and responsibilities for each of the positions they’d held. For the IT professional, the process was straight-forward and easy to understand; you listed all the technologies you’d used, … Read More

Writing IT Resumes: TeleSeminar

Our contributing author and expert IT Resume Writer, Jennifer Hay, will be conducting a TeleSeminar on IT resume writing in October. To sign up, please visit

Learn the Latest Technologies while Unemployed

Resumes continue to take a beating even after the recession has ended. It is common for IT professionals to start their own consulting firms to mask lapses in employment and to put the best face on a series of short-term projects. It’s a necessary survival skill to show that you’ve kept your experience up-to-date in the quickly changing world of … Read More

IT Consultant Resume Sample

IT Consultant Resume Sample for Information Technology professional with experience as IT Consultant Technical Lead in Software Design Process.

How to Begin Your IT Job Search

Resources for finding an IT job are many—you just have to know what they are. So, what are some of the best job-finding resources that you can use—and where can you find them?

The Future Job Outlook for IT Professionals: The Bad News

Now that you recognize the large number of undocumented technical positions available you must also consider that many of these positions exist outside of traditional IT departments. The Department of Labor not only underestimated the number of IT jobs available but you can rest assured that they also miscalculated the number of job seekers by a similar factor.

The Future Job Outlook for IT Professionals: The Good News

Given all of the bad news for job seekers over the past several months, finding a bit of good news is refreshing. The good news is that the Department of Labor statistics significantly misrepresent the number of IT positions available in the U.S.  According to Foote Partners, a recognized leader in forecasting the demand for IT skills and certifications, “We … Read More

Make Everything Fit in a Technical Resume

Resumes are not designed as one size fits all. In fact, their purpose is to differentiate you from others and to grab the attention and interest of the reader. Resumes must do this while staying within generally acceptable rules for readability, language, and presentation. For technical resumes it can be a real challenge because they are often densely worded with … Read More

Getting to Know You: A Resume Writer’s Imperative

There are two types of clients, those who want to participate in the resume writing process and those who want to leave all the details to the resume writer. The degree of participation can vary but without a doubt, little or no input leads to a poorly branded document. The resume may look and sound great but it won’t connect … Read More

Best IT Schools In the US – Going to School to break into the IT job Market

Information technology may be the most popular field of study in the United States. This broad field encompasses a wide variety of computer technologies. Most commonly, students study a variety of programming languages as well as basic business courses to allow them to effectively assist businesses with their computing needs.

Certifications That Are Useful For an IT Job Applicant

IT professionals have been having the same debate for years: are certifications important? And if they are, which ones are actually useful? This is an important question, considering the hefty price tags attached to most certifications.