Optional Sections of Technical Resume

You will often see a number of other sections within the IT or technical resume. Of course some of those sections are reserved for specific fields and professions.

For example, you will always see a list of publications in the resume of an Author or Writer. But for the IT resume here are a few sections that you may want to include IF they quality is of information presented is of a high degree.

  • Professional Affiliations – The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a good example of a high profile organization in the field of Project Management and membership is highly regarded. I would not recommend adding this section if the extent of your professional affiliations is something like…. Member of the South Orange Country Computer Users Club.
  • Publications – Again this is straightforward. Only provide this information if your work was published within well know publication in your field. If you are highly published, it is often a good idea to create a separate document as an addendum to your resume.
  • Volunteer Work – Sometimes IT professionals set up significant systems within local organizations. In this case, it may be a good idea to add this content, but it really depends on the extent of your career and the level of effort involved in your volunteer work.

Other options to be wary of:

Be careful when adding information about your race, religion or sexual orientation. For the most part they should play no bearing on your ability to perform the job. There are a few exceptions, such as if your experience was primarily setting up information systems for Christian Churches and you are a member of a Christian organization. By all means, you should include that information. In these situations, let common sense prevail.

In most cases, avoid adding the interests, sports and hobbies. If you are too the point of adding this information, you should seriously consider the detail in your work experience or the overall length of your resume. I know it sounds good to talk about how you were the golfing champion at your country club, but unless you are prepared to only accept jobs where you can be the star on the company golf team, you should probably leave that information out.