Technical IT Resume Length

Overall length of the technical resume is a highly debated topic. It is very difficult to generally recommend a specific length for a resume without knowing anything about an individual’s career.

For people with limited experience, a 1-page resume is ideal.  Don’t try to go overboard and fill up the resume with a lot of insignificant or irrelevant information.

For those with substantial careers a 2-page resume is necessary to document experience.  This is especially true if you have had 3 or more jobs,  or you have switched fields or you’ve progressed into a management position.  Unless your very hands on, with 6 or more jobs and expected to do a very broad range of duties, then you probably don’t want to go into 3 pages.

For IT Contractors that do contract jobs for short periods, its often ideal to break down details of each specific project and 3-4 pages might be necessary. Many companies seeking contractors will be looking for specific job experience that relates to their project, so details can be an advantage in this case.

It is more common to see longer resumes  in the complex IT industry as opposed to most other industries.  Many jobs require specific skills, systems experience, software, hardware or programming languages.  IT professional in the same field can often have very different looking resumes and details of specific experience can make a big difference in getting an interview.

When you are trying to determine proper length, you really need to weigh the positives of quality information vs. the negatives of excessive information and use your best judgment.