IT Resume – Education Section

In the Education Section of the technical resume, you have a number of options regarding the information that you may want present.

Usually, the further away from the college courses or degree the less information you present.

Experience is almost always a better seller than education, unless you are in an Academic field. Therefore as you gain more experience, focus less on your experience. With the exception of entry level professionals, the education section should fall below the experience section.

Information that is required:

  • The name of the degree or certification
  • The institution where you received the degree or training

Information that is ideal to include:

  • The date you received the degree, certification or training (unless you received the degree over 20 years ago)
  • The city, state and sometimes country of the institution
  • Graduating with honors or Cum Laude

Information that you may include:

  • GPA. Make sure to also include the scale (3.5/4.0). Do not include if your GPA is B average or below. (mostly used for less experienced job seekers or students)
  • Other honors affiliated with your performance
  • Social, athletic and academic organizations
  • Scholarships and academic awards
  • Listing of key courses (only recommended for entry-level)

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