IT Project Program Manager Job Description

The job description below outlines the general requirements and qualifications required in an IT Project or Program Manager resume. 

Job descriptions may vary based on how specialized the needs are for each particular organization.   These job duties, however, represent the standard expectation level across most industries for this type of position.

The job description below is designed to help target your resume for general job positions as an IT Manager, Project Manager or Program Manager.

Common Job Titles in this area also include Technical Program Manager, IT Operations Manager, IT Manager, Project Manager, Project Lead, Product Manager, IT Division Manager.

Common Responsibilities for IT Project Manager – Program Manager

  1. Runs complex projects/programs from design and development to production.
  2. Defines requirements and plan project lifecycle deployment.
  3. Defines resources and schedule for project/program implementation.
  4. Create strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planning.
  5. Plans and schedule project deliverables, goals, milestones.
  6. Directs and oversees project engineering team and manages conflicts within group.
  7. Performs team assessments and evaluations.
  8. Efficiently identifies and solves project issues.
  9. Demonstrates leadership to define requirements for project risk.
  10. Develop Requests for Proposals (RFP) for external services.
  11. Designs and maintain technical and project documentation.
  12. Strong organizational, presentation, and customer service skills.

Qualifications for IT Project Manager – Program Manager

  1. PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification or equivalent preferred.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Engineering, Technology or related field.
  3. Minimum 5-10 years of project management or IT Management.
  4. Minimum 3 years experience coordinating and/supporting IT business processes.
  5. Program/Product Managers require scheduling and budgeting experience.