IT Experience Section in Resume

The experience section in the technical resume is also commonly knows as the “body” of the resume. There are numerous styles and formatting options for the experience section, but in this guide, we will discuss common options and you can choose the style that best suits you.

The IT  or Technical job experience section is made up of headings with job titles, companies employed, dates employment, city of employment followed by statements of responsibility and statements of achievement.

The Heading

this should include at minimum:

  • Name of the Company you worked for
  • Location of the Company (City, ST) – Sometimes Country or Province
  • Your Job Title
  • Dates of Employment

AAA Corporation, Chicago, IL

Software Engineer, June 1999 – May 2003

Optionally, you could include multiple titles if applicable and also include a description of your company, which is highly recommended. It is acceptable to use only the year as the date and eliminate months. This is an effective way of hiding gaps in employment. If your work history is consistent then it is recommended to use months. If you have a number of jobs that lasted less than 1 year, it will be difficult to eliminate months without confusing the reader.

Statements of Responsibility

Much like the headline statement in the introduction and summary, you will want to build an opening statement that identifies the overall scope of your responsibilities. The following statements then support the opening statement and provide further details regarding your key duties.


“Develop and implement financial software in support of company’s flagship product. Coordinate with accounting staff to define requirements. Design software architecture. Develop software code using C, C++ and Java. Manage projects for implementation of applications. Train staff members on software utilization and provide ongoing software support.”

For hands on IT professionals, you can also list key technologies that you worked with in the position, especially if those technologies are critical for obtaining your next job.


After developing statements of responsibility, you should now document a few achievements. Your achievements are what set you apart from your competition. They help differentiate your resume from other applicants and they demonstrate that you have been successful in previous positions.

Ideally, statements of achievements should be written in the form of ACTION – RESULT. State the action, then state the positive result. If possible, try to quantify your results. Example:

  • Developed application for accounting and reporting system that automated posting to the General Journal, saving $5 million in annual paper expense while increasing overall productivity.

Achievements don’t always have to be in the form of action result. Other achievements can document awards, completion of training, promotions, or prominent roles (such as being selected as chair member of emerging technologies). Also, you can build statements to simply highlight key technologies or areas of technology.

Formatting duties and achievements can be done in several ways. The preferred style is to build a paragraph of duties and then bullet point the achievements below. This style really allows you to separate the 2 types of statements and helps to highlight the achievements.

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