The Trouble with IT Job Titles

What do you do when your title doesn’t accurately describe your role and responsibilities? Suppose you hired on to perform a particular set of activities but over time what you actually do has morphed into something entirely different. This is not at all uncommon in small departments where project demands don’t always fit the current skill set of available employees. Opportunities arise for those willing to learn new skills on the job and little or no consideration is given to how these changes might affect future employment. No worries―there are options available to circumvent a less than desirable title on your resume.

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Technology: Telling Your Story

Determining how you want to position yourself in your resume is the first step toward deciding what technology to include. As an IT professional, you may be hesitant to remove lagging tools and technologies for fear of losing an opportunity but it is this indecision that can impact your chances of finding just the right position. The “I want it all” attitude can be confusing and leads the reader to make certain assumptions about the role and responsibilities that are a best fit for you. This may not be a good match for what you really want to do.

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Technical Resumes Are No Place for Fluff

In the past, the purpose of a resume was to get a job interview. Beyond that, it was up to the applicant to sell themselves during the interview by describing their role and responsibilities for each of the positions they’d held. For the IT professional, the process was straight-forward and easy to understand; you listed all the technologies you’d used, how you’d used them, and the types of projects in which you’d used them. In light of increased competition and staffing reductions, the whole process of getting interviews and receiving job offers has changed.

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Make Everything Fit in a Technical Resume

Resumes are not designed as one size fits all. In fact, their purpose is to differentiate you from others and to grab the attention and interest of the reader. Resumes must do this while staying within generally acceptable rules for readability, language, and presentation. For technical resumes it can be a real challenge because they … Read more

Getting to Know You: A Resume Writer’s Imperative

There are two types of clients, those who want to participate in the resume writing process and those who want to leave all the details to the resume writer. The degree of participation can vary but without a doubt, little or no input leads to a poorly branded document. The resume may look and sound great but it won’t connect with the personality, style, and achievements of its owner. It will be so generic in nature that it could serve as the resume for any number of individuals.

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Technical IT Resume Length

Overall length of the technical resume is a highly debated topic. It is very difficult to generally recommend a specific length for a resume without knowing anything about an individual’s career.

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