The Future Job Outlook for IT Professionals: The Bad News

Now that you recognize the large number of undocumented technical positions available you must also consider that many of these positions exist outside of traditional IT departments. The Department of Labor not only underestimated the number of IT jobs available but you can rest assured that they also miscalculated the number of job seekers by a similar factor.

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The Future Job Outlook for IT Professionals: The Good News

Given all of the bad news for job seekers over the past several months, finding a bit of good news is refreshing. The good news is that the Department of Labor statistics significantly misrepresent the number of IT positions available in the U.S.  According to Foote Partners, a recognized leader in forecasting the demand for … Read more

Best IT Schools In the US – Going to School to break into the IT job Market

Information technology may be the most popular field of study in the United States. This broad field encompasses a wide variety of computer technologies. Most commonly, students study a variety of programming languages as well as basic business courses to allow them to effectively assist businesses with their computing needs.

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