Tips for Positioning Yourself as a Data Scientist

The growing interest in the job role of a data scientist has many IT professionals looking to make a change in their career. The position has been evolving so rapidly, however, that many companies are struggling to understand the responsibilities and; therefore, are not able to create well-targeted job descriptions. Until the data scientist role becomes more mainstream, these are … Read More

The Emerging Role of Data Governance in Data Heavy Environments

It is brutal when your failed federal audit report, with 148 issues related to unreliable, inaccurate, and inconsistent data, is made available for public review and comment. Ouch! It is even more painful when the report lists proper data management as the competitive advantage necessary to keep your company in business. It should feel like a jab in the eye, … Read More

T-Shirt Networking

Networking is an important part of career growth, but it is difficult for an introvert. From stepping through the door, to engaging people in conversation, and talking about yourself with people you don’t know, the entire event can be a struggle. But it doesn’t need to be this painful.

3 Resume Mistakes for Technical Executives

Whether you are a technical executive (CIO, CTO, or tech firm CEO) already or a technical manager or director looking to advance into an executive role, there are 3 common and potentially fatal mistakes that are made when preparing a resume.

Learn the Latest Technologies while Unemployed

Resumes continue to take a beating even after the recession has ended. It is common for IT professionals to start their own consulting firms to mask lapses in employment and to put the best face on a series of short-term projects. It’s a necessary survival skill to show that you’ve kept your experience up-to-date in the quickly changing world of … Read More

How to Begin Your IT Job Search

Resources for finding an IT job are many—you just have to know what they are. So, what are some of the best job-finding resources that you can use—and where can you find them?

The Future Job Outlook for IT Professionals: The Bad News

Now that you recognize the large number of undocumented technical positions available you must also consider that many of these positions exist outside of traditional IT departments. The Department of Labor not only underestimated the number of IT jobs available but you can rest assured that they also miscalculated the number of job seekers by a similar factor.

The Future Job Outlook for IT Professionals: The Good News

Given all of the bad news for job seekers over the past several months, finding a bit of good news is refreshing. The good news is that the Department of Labor statistics significantly misrepresent the number of IT positions available in the U.S.  According to Foote Partners, a recognized leader in forecasting the demand for IT skills and certifications, “We … Read More

Best IT Schools In the US – Going to School to break into the IT job Market

Information technology may be the most popular field of study in the United States. This broad field encompasses a wide variety of computer technologies. Most commonly, students study a variety of programming languages as well as basic business courses to allow them to effectively assist businesses with their computing needs.

Certifications That Are Useful For an IT Job Applicant

IT professionals have been having the same debate for years: are certifications important? And if they are, which ones are actually useful? This is an important question, considering the hefty price tags attached to most certifications.

How to Keep Your IT Job from being Outsourced

One estimate for the numbers of jobs lost in the U.S. due to outsourcing has more than 3 million jobs eliminated between 2000 and 2015. If you take action, you can try to ensure that your IT job isn’t one of them.