Best IT Schools In the US – Going to School to break into the IT job Market

Information technology may be the most popular field of study in the United States. This broad field encompasses a wide variety of computer technologies. Most commonly, students study a variety of programming languages as well as basic business courses to allow them to effectively assist businesses with their computing needs.

A specialized branch of IT, Internet Services Technology, focuses primarily on web design and programming. IST may be the most popular of all the IT branches.

Students interested in obtaining a degree in IT often start with a two year degree from a certified college. Luckily, many of these programs are available online. Across the country, there are several excellent IT schools. The top ten are listed below.


  1. ITT Technical Institute: offers a wide variety of two year degrees as well as certificates in IT, IT Security and even management. With locations throughout the country, it is easy to find a branch near you.
  2. Penn State: offers a thorough and popular degree in Information Technology and is well-known for the caliber of students they graduate.
  3. University of Phoenix: comprised entirely of online classes, University of Phoenix offers both two and four year degrees. Enterprising students can study for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the comfort of their own homes.
  4. Columbia University: another popular ‘brick and mortar’ school with several different degrees available in the IT field including security and management.
  5. Everest University: with locations throughout the country and some online classes, students can get an excellent education in computer information science and work towards either a degree or certification.
  6. Kaplan University: has grown very popular over the past decade and offers classes entirely on line. Two and four year degrees are available in Information Technology.
  7. University of Southern Georgia: The College of Information Technology offers a complete course of IT classes and several different degree options.
  8. DeVry University: another virtual college, DeVry has long been an industry leader in Information Technology.
  9. National Institute of Technology: located in Ohio, NIT offers students the ability to train for a certificate or for a two year degree in IT
  10. Argosy University: a seller school with the ability to study for a four year degree, masters or doctorate in IT. Located in Tampa, Argosy allows students to go as far as they want to!

While many colleges and Universities offer degrees in Information technology, some stand out above the rest. The hardest decision most students are faced with is whether to take classes traditionally or online. Whichever you choose, studying towards a degree or certification in IT is an excellent step. Research shows that people with a four year degree in Information Technology make an average of $55,000.00 year. As technology continue to change and evolve, these positions will become even more important to companies. Studying in the field of Information Technology is a great way to increase your earning potential.