3 Resume Mistakes for Technical Executives

Whether you are a technical executive (CIO, CTO, or tech firm CEO) already or a technical manager or director looking to advance into an executive role, there are 3 common and potentially fatal mistakes that are made when preparing a resume.

#1: Too Much Information

To have become a technical executive or director, you had to achieve and excel throughout your career. So I know that you have a lot of great information to communicate. You simply cannot list it all. Well, let me rephrase that…you cannot list it all and still have a resume that is appealing to your audience. I suggest that you consider the activities that best position you for this next step and distill your information down to those key points.

#2: Being Too Technical

If you have a technical resume that has a ton of technical details and technologies listed, this is a major concern to recruiters and hiring executives. In their experience, you are communicating that you are too hands-on, which means that you won’t know how to back off and manage the operation from a strategic standpoint because they will be stuck in the day-to-day operational issues.

#3: Keyword Alignment

Many IT executives simply don’t like listing keywords in their resume. The problem is, most technical hiring executives will receive a short list of candidates for a particular position after they have been screened by HR. Most HR screens use keywords to help match your resume and qualifications with the position requirements. Having a specific keywords or core competencies section helps HR to match your key skills with those listed on the requirements document for the position.

Developing a strategy that addresses each of these 3 common mistakes when creating an executive-level technical resume will put you well on your way in a competitive job environment.



Founder of IT Tech Exec, Stephen holds an MBA from Villanova University, a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, along with the Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) credentials.